NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN: Delicious Dishes For People With Allergies

by Collette Simko-Knauss


This book includes delicious and creative recipes, which are gluten free, dairy and nightshade intolerant.

They are inspired from ingredients and cuisine around the world. With more than 50 recipes that everyone will want to prepare – from Balsamic Fig and Lentil Flatbread to Salmon Taro Bites and Butter Fruit Bonbon Muffins. This San Francisco self- made chef is sure to surprise your palette.

The author, Collette, discovered she had multiple food allergies and it was difficult for her to eat at food establishments and “on-the-go.” She kept getting sick. Most gluten free products sold on the market are not appetizing. She was hungry and didn’t know what else to do. She wasn’t just responsible for feeding herself; she had a husband to feed and now a son who wants to eat gourmet adult food.

The solution was to adapt and to create allergy friendly recipes to find joy in eating again. We hope everyone, with food allergies or not, can prepare and savor these tasty, internationally inspired recipes in the comfort of your own home.


From Brunch to Sweets

No tastebud has been left unturned. In Never Go Hungry Again, we cover Brunch, Tapas, Main Dishes, Sweet Tooth, The Munchies, Sauces + Spreads and much more. There is also a Helpful Hints + Tips section in the back. 

More Delicious Recipes


Children’s Corner 

There is no reason to leave out your precious ones when cooking allergy free. Collette covers smoothies for teething tots, finger food, edible playdough and more!