Lets Get Hitched Again: 3 More times in 3 different countries!

Tahiti, Thailand, Japan! Here we come! 

One of our toughest jobs and one of favorite jobs was the marriage of Aldo and Jacqueline!

The photo here frames their happiness perfectly in Bora Bora, Tahiti. However that is not the only place they got remarried. They went to Thailand and Japan also! 

This couple came to us and said, we want to get remarried and want you to help us determine three places in three differing countries. We dont want you just plan the ceremony for just the two of us, but we also need you to plan the travel and hotel accomodations, in addition to before and after activities.  Somehow we narrowed it down to Tahiti, Thailand, and Japan.

So if you want to have an elephant at your wedding in the jungles of Thailand, or if you want a private tour with lunch and dinner on a boat in Tahiti, or if you want to rally in the excitement of the Toyko baseball stadium, hire us and we can do it all for us....from abroad!

Yes, we never laid a foot either one of those countries during the entire planning process.  

Jacqueline&AldoKING - HD-24.jpg