New Logo and Website

We are excited to share our new logo and website with you! It is bright, fun, and now you can view all of our current events and past events. Please contact us for an amazing event of your own.   


Alison Lewis did more than an amazing job

She created the site as if Collette were whispering in her ear all at hours. The website speaks of all truths about Events by Collette. Alison was able to localize the website for San Francisco and Austin. She was able to create content in a voice that only Collette usually does best: yes, she spoke Collette language! 

Alison never wants her work to lack anything, so she went above an beyond. She was always in communication even though we basically had a virtual working relationship. She was never afraid to ask questions. She always gave her input even when it was not wanted, however it was appreciated, as it pointed out items we would have missed. 


Thank you, thank you, Ms Lewis!