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NEVER GO HUNGRY AGAIN: Delicious Dishes For People With Food Allergies by our founder, Collette Simko-Knauss. 

Imagine this: you live your whole life thinking that belly aches, skin rashes, bloating, and cold hands and feet are normal. At age 31, at family reunion, a Dr. Cousin suggested I try omitting gluten and dairy from my diet after watching me struggle with every meal and that choice created a personal revolution! 

Having one or more allergies or intolerances can be difficult at first. With this book, you can find joy in your meals. They can be interesting and delicious. You can have bread and cheese; they just come in different forms. You will Never Go Hungry Again!

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We are located in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Austin Area and do international events as well. Please be sure to reach out and let us know how we can make your event one to remember! 

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